Community Rain Barrel Demonstration Grant

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Community organizations, you are invited to apply for a grant that can give you up to two rain barrels to be installed in a public space to help you become an active steward of local watershed water quality.

Join these organizations past grant recipients:

  • Church of 4 Seasons United Methodist Church
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  • Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities
  • Porter County Career and Tech Center
  • Porter County Farm Bureau
  • Porterco Conservation Trust
  • Shirley Heinze Land Trust
  • Town of Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission

*** Download Grant Application Materials ***

Community organizations may include:

  • homeowners associations
  • property owners associations
  • community gardens
  • schools
  • parks which have accessible and highly used public spaces

Public spaces may include:

  • community green spaces and gazebos
  • community gardens
  • schools
  • parks

While the grant is non-competitive, there are certain criteria on which each application will be evaluated:

  • Innovative – new project or new method of accomplishing water quality protection.
  • Effective – project will reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Transferable – project has the ability to be emulated to other public spaces and homes.
  • Sustainable – project should continue after the grant period.
  • Use of available resources – project should incorporate recycled content materials whenever possible.

Rain barrels should be installed where

  1. The rain water collected will reduce stormwater runoff
  2. The rain water collected will serve as water for surrounding vegetation
  3. The rain barrel(s) will be highly visible to all visitors
  4. The rain barrel(s) will have educational signage to encourage personal use of rain barrels

Applicants must complete the grant application form and submit it electronically to

Supplies are limited! Download application materials today.

For more information, contact Therese Haller, 465-3694.

The provided barrels are food-grade containers that were once used to ship olives and pickles and were diverted from the waste stream where they could have been landfilled! During their transition, the barrels were cleaned and rinsed with PH neutral soap so that the water they collect is ultimately safe for gardens and house plants.

Not only are you practicing reuse, but you are reducing the demand for manufactured ones made from molded plastic, therefore reducing our need for petroleum, energy and other resources used in the manufacturing process.

Here are some great reasons why you should use a rain barrel:

  • Rain water is FREE, and who doesn't like getting something for nothing?
  • Your stored rain water is great to use during times of drought and water restrictions.
  • By using harvested rain water, you’ll have less strain on your well, and you’ll save energy and money.
  • The chlorine in your drinking/tap water kills living organisms, making the water safe to drink. Using water from the tap also kills beneficial bacteria in your soil that your plants need.
  • Water is not an infinite resource. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, approximately 2.5 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh, and 68.6 percent of it is locked up in glaciers, 30.1 percent is located in the groundwater table, and 1.3 percent can be found in lakes and rivers. Using rain barrels helps to conserve this natural resource.
  • Environmental experts and sewer officials agree that any reduction of rain water flowing into storm sewers is a good thing for neighborhoods and the environment.
  • You'll be a role model to your kids!