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Add Mulch to Your Gardens for Beauty and Function

We sponsor grinding at the public compost sites in Porter County to give the brush and branches brought in from various municipalities and Porter County residents a new purpose in the gardens of residents. Yes, your branches get recycled!

Mulch is available free to all Porter County residents. Its benefits in gardens and landscaping include:

  1. Weed control: Mulch shuts out sunlight that would find its way to the soil and encourage weeds to grow. It also prevents air born weeds from rooting themselves in the soil.
  2. Maximize soil nutrients: Mulch slowly decomposes and releases nutrients back into the soil, making soil heathier and improving drainage. When your soil is healthier, your garden will do better and be more resistant to pests and disease. You’ll even save money on fertilizer.
  3. Retains moisture: Mulch prevents evaporation of water from the soil because it shields it from the sun, allowing plants to retain more moisture which means less maintenance and lower water bills, especially during the summer months.
  4. Prevents soil erosion: Rain water can wash soil and planting beds away. Mulch helps to prevent soil erosion, keeping the soil in its place so your plants remain happy!
  5. Attracts earthworms: Mulch provides food for earthworms which are great for encouraging good soil structure and maintaining high levels of nutrients in the soil.
  6. Improves the look of your garden: Gardens have a beautiful finished look when they are mulched, adding a consistent blanket of brown contrast to the plants.
  7. Insulates plants: While shielding the soil, it keeps the soil temperature cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing plant stress.

So what are you waiting for? Self load mulch any time or go to the Valpo compost site on a day with the City of Valparaiso is loading for a large quantity!

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