Congrats to Our Newest Master Recycler

A Valparaiso resident successfully completed all the requirements to become Porter County’s newest Certified Master Recycler.

Jane Biuckie was recognized at the July 9 Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction board meeting. She completed 30 volunteer hours, thereby achieving all requirements of the Porter County Master Recycler Program, sponsored by the district.

Biuckie fulfilled her educational requirement by attending classes, featuring experts who talked about recycling processes, landfills, household hazardous waste, vermicomposting, backyard composting, and more. The program also included field trips.

“Jane is the 31st person to complete all of the program requirements since the program began in 2014,” said Donna Stuckert, district public education coordinator. “She played an essential role in this agency’s educational goals by volunteering at events to help residents learn about recycling guidelines and waste reduction programs.”

The purpose of the Porter County Master Recycler Program is to create a volunteer pool of knowledgeable residents who help to educate and inspire others in the community to reduce waste at home and work.

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