Fix-It Fairs
Fix-It Fairs
Volunteer for and join an upcoming Fix-It Fair to help reduce the waste we send to landfills!

What Are Fix-It Fairs?

Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction has partnered with Valparaiso Public Library and Vidette Makes to host a Fix-It Fair, an event that highlights reuse, inviting the community to get items repaired at no cost. Volunteers and professionals provide repair at these events and educate attendees on how to make their own repairs.

Why Repair?

  • Repairing items saves you money. Why buy something new when you can get your item fixed for free?
  • Repairing keeps items out of the landfill. To promote reuse, Fix-It Fairs are a great practice to do alongside recycling and reduction. The key is prevention. The less we throw away, the better.
  • Repair is empowering. You can learn a new skill and pass knowledge to your friends and family.
  • It’s fun! What a better way to connect with community members while supporting local businesses and organizations.

How Can I Get My Items Repaired?

Services are available for a variety of repairs such as simple sewing repair, jewelry, small appliances, IT: Computer and electronic, clocks, small furniture assembly/repair, and glasses. Attend our next event to get your items fixed.

Next Fix-It Fair Date TBA

Sign Up to be a Fixer 

Sign up to be a fixer at our upcoming January 27th event!

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