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In 2020, Porter County residents recycled 8,965 lbs. of fluorescent light bulbs and 2,136 lbs of CFLS!

The Recycling & Waste Reduction District of Porter County provides regular collection and recycling of fluorescent light bulbs.

Bring old unbroken fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or tubes to: 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are more energy efficient than their incandescent cousins. However, fluorescent bulbs and tubes contain mercury. If the bulb package says "mercury" or "Hg" (the abbreviation for "hydrargyrum," which is the Latin name for mercury), the bulbs contain mercury and should NOT be mixed with regular household trash when discarded.

To safely transport and drop off the bulbs, please place unbroken CFLs in plastic bags. To carefully transport tube bulbs, tape them together or place in packaging of your replacement bulbs.

Fluorescent light ballasts without PCBs can be brought to our electronics recycling drop-off sites for proper disposal. Ballasts with PCBs should be brought to our household hazardous waste collection events. 

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