Organic Material Available at Porter County Compost Sites

This organic material is available at public compost sites in Porter County whiles supplies last. It’s always best to call our office, 219-465-3694, during office hours to confirm material availability. All Porter County residents are invited to come in with their buckets and shovels and take as much as they want. Self-loading of material is FREE.

The City of Valparaiso Public Works Department offers loading at their site. Please visit their website for more details here.

Compost Valparaiso


Compost is a great soil amendment resulting from the natural process of decomposition of leaves, garden waste and grass. Much of this compost was from the leaf litter brought in by participating public works departments collected from their respective residents.

Other Porter County residents added to it with the yard waste they brought from their cleanup and landscaping efforts and items like pumpkins and organic holiday decorations.

Adding compost feeds your soil!

Mulch Valparaiso


Wood mulch has many benefits for your gardens and landscaping. This mulch was created when a tub grinder ground up all of the branches and brush brought into the compost sites by residents, registered landscapers and participating public works departments.

Using mulch around your plants and throughout your landscaping helps maintain moisture and prevents soil erosion and weeds, among many other benefits.

firewood Valparaiso


Firewood is sometimes available to all Porter County residents, thanks to participating public works departments and registered landscapers. Contact us for information on firewood availability.

Remember, you are not allowed to use power tools on the premises of these compost sites.

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