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Recycling Directory

If you have products and materials other than what is listed on our website and you’d like to find a place where they can be reused, recycled or even disposed of properly, this directory of resources may provide some answers. 

While this directory can be a great resource, it has been compiled over a number of years and may contain outdated information and is not meant to be a complete resource of information. For more alternatives, please check other directories and perform additional online searches. We recommend that you first contact these companies or organizations listed before driving to or sending them your materials. Fees may apply. 

A listing in this directory is not considered a recommendation. We assume no responsibility for your experience with any of the businesses or organizations listed. 

If you are aware of any new information or updates to this directory, please feel free to contact us.

Another great resource for recycling unique things is TerraCycle. Visit their website today to learn more.