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We no longer accept latex paint at household hazardous waste collection events.

1. Donate usable unwanted paint to the City of Hobart.
We partner with the City of Hobart to offer our residents the opportunity to recycle their unwanted but USABLE latex paint. Take your USABLE paint directly to the City of Hobart facility during hours of operation.
Please make sure that your paint can be recycled using these guidelines:
Acceptable latex paint:
• Gallon cans more than half full
• Obvious sloshing sound of liquid inside
• Lid properly secured
• Cans not corroded/rusty

Unacceptable latex paint:
• Cans are smaller than one gallon
• Gallon cans are less than half full
• Cans are corroded/rusty
• Rattle noises heard when shaken
• Paint sitting longer than one year
• Paint was stored in unheated areas, like garages or sheds, over winter or paint that was obviously frozen

2. Throw away unwanted paint in your curbside trash

Latex paint can safely be thrown in the trash when:
1. The paint is dried.
2. The lid of the paint can remains off and thrown away separately.

In order to dry out your unwanted latex paint:
If the cans are less than half full; leave the lids off and let them air dry.
If the cans are mostly full, you may need to pour some of the paint into another container to decrease drying time.
To expedite the drying process, stir in non-clumping cat litter, dirt, or inexpensive paint drying products that you can purchase from a home improvement store.
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