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Entries with Names starting with 'P'

Calumet Pallet Co.
(219) 932-4550

Michigan Decorative Mulch
1/2 mile south of I-65/231 interchange
(414) 573-4280

Michiana Mulch
160 McClung Road, LaPorte
(616) 483-2530 (there is a charge)

Industrial Lumber Products
251 N. State Road 39, LaPorte
(219) 324-7694
No plastic or pressboard pallets

Waste Management
7023 South First St. (First & Hupp), Kingsbury
(219) 393-6053
Fees apply; up to 1,000 lbs; not accepted: tires, liquids, car parts, batteries, hhw, organic material

Metro Recycling
2155 W. Lincolnway, Valparaiso
(219) 465-1459

Porter County Recycling

Porter County Recycling

REDUCE: There is a national yellow pages opt-out site that will keep the books from arriving at your doorstep, but it’s little help unless you enter your information well in advance of when the books are delivered.


Some stores have stopped accepting plastic bags due to Covid-19. Please click here for a list of organizations known to be currently accepting plastic bags.  



747 Indian Boundary Rd


6495 US-6, Portage and 350 Silhavy Rd, Valparaiso


6050 US Hwy 6. Portage, 405 Porters Vale Blvd Valparaiso, 5150 Franklin St Michigan City

Recycling & Waste Reduction District Office

155 Indiana Avenue Suite 314 Valparaiso


2420 LaPorte Ave Valparaiso

Town & Country

1605 Calumet Ave Valparaiso

Valparaiso Compost Site

2150 W. Lincolnway Valparaiso 


6087 U.S. 6 Portage, 2400 Morthland Dr Valparaiso