Special Event Recycling
Special Event Recycling

Event recycle containers are great for graduation parties, fundraisers, concerts, and gatherings where large amounts of waste can easily be generated. Hosts and event organizers can prevent large amounts of recyclables from entering landfills by helping guests to separate their waste.

Porter County community groups, schools, non-profits, commercial businesses and residents are encouraged to utilize this free program.

Recycle containers can be placed next to garbage cans in high traffic areas at events and be used to recycle common items such as aluminum cans, plastics and glass bottles.

Event recycle containers are supplied with clear plastic liners that fit directly onto the collection containers. The Recycling & Waste Reduction District of Porter County suggests use of event recycle containers at gatherings both big and small in size.

Event Containers Are Perfect For:

  • festivals
  • block parties
  • church bazaars
  • concerts
  • graduation parties
  • fundraisers
  • races
  • family reunions
  • sports games and tournaments
event recycling containers

Get Started

To borrow Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction’s containers, complete the reservation form and return it to us. You can also purchase your own recycling containers from ClearStream or Recycle Clear.

Event Recycling Program Guidelines

To confirm availability of recycling containers and to aid in promotion of recycling at events, pre-register at least two weeks prior to an event by contacting us, and then fill out a reservation form.

Your event staff or volunteers are responsible for working with a waste hauler to coordinate the collection of recyclables after the event. You may also bring your recyclables to any of our recycling drop off locations. Please empty the contents of the plastic bags into the recycling drop-off containers or your curbside totes and either throw away the bags or bring them back to us for proper recycling. Plastic bags mixed in with recyclables causes contamination. Plastic bags can easily become wrapped around sorting machinery and can damage lines at local sorting facilities.

After your event, move the remaining recyclable material to the central recycling collection point/container and take down borrowed recycling containers. Wipe down frames and lids and return recycling containers to District.

Your event staff is responsible for pickup and drop-off of all recycling container equipment. Pickup of recycling collection containers must be completed during weekday hours at least one day prior to the event, and drop-off of equipment must completed be during weekday hours within two days of the event’s conclusion. Pickups and drop-offs must be scheduled with the District office.

All equipment must be returned in the same manner in which it is received. A $20/hour cleaning fee will be applied if District personnel are required to clean containers. If the containers are damaged beyond use or stolen while on loan, there will be a charge to you for replacement costs.

Promote Recycling at Your Event

  • Pre- and post- event literature and press releases featuring the recycling program as well as pictures of the recycling containers.
  • Reminders to recycle during the event over the P.A. system.
  • Banners and informative signs.
  • Include information about recycling at the event in publications, programs, ads, etc.
  • Invite patrons to share their pictures or take your own pictures, report your success, submit to local papers to build recognition for your organization and its recycling program.
Thanks to all who participated in 2023:
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Sheila Paul
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Yost Color Fun Run
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H.S. open house
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Biddle graduation
Jones graduation
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Abrell Family Reunion
Chesterton Art Fair
Going Away Party
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World Cultural Fest
Football Tailgates & Girls on the Run Event
Christmas Bazaar
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